We specialize in training parents of young children, ages 1½ to 5, who have, or who are on a waiting list for, a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

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Teach your child in the context of everyday experiences and interactions

Learn to make daily routines (playing, getting dressed, eating) easier for your child. Once they’re easier, you can also use those routines as teaching platforms for communication and social skills. We provide strategies from evidence-based practices, and help you put those strategies into place.

Evidence-based interventions for young children and family members

We utilize teaching methods based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to guide intervention. We help you to understand the principles, and apply the strategies, so that you can help your child communicate and cooperate more easily.

Customized services that support your child’s and family members’ preferences, learning styles, and cultural beliefs

We have worked with parents and children with various learning styles, and we customize our teaching to the ways you and your child learn best. Our work with families from many parts of the world leads us to respect your culture and values.

Collaboration with families and other providers

Your child is developing differently and needs a team to support her. We work together with you and your child’s therapy providers to support your child’s progress.

Goals are set from your child’s needs and strengths, and your family’s needs and priorities

We want to know what matters most to you for your child, and we work together from that place. As your child learns new skills, your priorities may change, and we will update goals accordingly.

Get Started

The first step is a 25-minute introductory phone call, for you to discuss your child’s current needs, and to find out more about our services. This will help you to better determine whether our program would be a good fit for your child and your family.