Autism Services

We teach parents to help their child. Our work infuses the evidence-based practices of applied behavior analysis (ABA) with love and acceptance.

You’ll receive hands-on training to:

Support your child’s social development

You will learn strategies to help your child enjoy interacting with people, based on her or his current level of social skills. We’ll also help you expand your child’s social skills, in ways that are meaningful to your child and your family.


Teach your child

You’ll learn to set developmentally appropriate goals, and to use instructional methods to more effectively teach your child. As you practice these skills with your child, you’ll receive supportive feedback. 

Maximize opportunities for learning

Day-to-day activities such as meals and play times are filled with opportunities for teaching. You’ll learn how to make the most of these opportunities to teach your child communication, social, and play skills.

Reduce challenging behaviors

Often, a number of strategies put into place ahead of time can prevent challenging behaviors from occurring. You’ll learn these, as well as responsive strategies that make it more likely that the behaviors will decrease.


Getting Started

The first step is a 25-minute introductory phone call with Stefanie Barenblat, BCBA, to discuss your child’s current needs, and to find out more about our services. Introductory calls are by appointment only.
We look forward to speaking with you.