Early Childhood Services

We provide behavior consulting services, with heart, to parents of young children and to early learning centers.

Do you have a child who tantrums more frequently than his or her peers?

Do you have a child who hits, bites, and/or throws items more often than children his or her age?

Do you have a child who often doesn’t follow instructions?

We can help.

Challenging behaviors are clues to underlying issues.

Working together, we’ll determine the ones contributing to your child’s behavior. By addressing those issues, you’ll help your child interact more peacefully, and be more motivated to cooperate.

We help you focus on teaching your child what TO do, while celebrating your child’s progress along the way.


A child’s behavior improves when relationships are filled with positive interactions, when the child is motivated, and when what they’re asked to do is developmentally appropriate.

Parents of Young Children

You’ll learn:

  • Strategies to prevent challenging behavior
  • How to teach your child to communicate more calmly
  • Methods to help your child cooperate more

Early Childhood Professionals

You’ll Learn:

  • Effective behavior reduction strategies
  • Classwide practices that support all children’s social-emotional development
  • Methods to increase children’s cooperation


Getting Started

The first step is a 25-minute introductory phone call with Stefanie Barenblat, BCBA, to discuss your child’s current needs, and to find out more about our services. Introductory calls are by appointment only.
We look forward to speaking with you.