Early Childhood Services

For Families

If your toddler or preschooler’s tantrum behavior is running the show, or if your child resists bedtime, mealtime, bath time or all three, we can help. The essence of our work is to determine, in collaboration with you, what’s contributing to behaviors that interfere with learning and daily routines, and to help change that. We’ll work together with you to figure out the underlying issues. Then we provide you with the strategies, teaching methods, and tools to address those.

We teach you to help your child:

  • Tantrum less
  • Communicate more calmly
  • Cooperate more
  • Participate more easily in daily routines
  • Interact more gently
  • Learn more readily

From toddlerhood through age five, the social-emotional skills your child develops form the foundation for your child’s future success. We teach you how to strengthen that foundation.

Empowering parents and caregivers

  • Strategies and tools for increasing your child’s cooperation
  • Creating an environment to change behavior
  • Building your child’s communication and social skills
  • Helping with emotional regulation skills


Getting Started

The first step is a 25-minute introductory phone call with Stefanie Barenblat, BCBA, to discuss your child’s current needs, and to find out more about our services. Introductory calls are by appointment only.
We look forward to speaking with you.