Autism Services

Parent-Mediated Intervention

We help you maximize learning opportunities for your child, with a focus on developing his or her communication and social skills. An initial assessment of your child’s skills, interests, and areas of need guides our collaboration to support your child’s progress. Our role is to help you understand what exactly your child needs, what may be getting in her or his way, and how your child learns best.

Help your child learn:

Communication Skills

You want your child to successfully communicate what he or she wants or needs, and whatever else he or she would like to express to others. We’ll work together with you and your child to build, and continue to expand, their communication skills.

Social skills

Does your child seem uninterested in her peers? Does your child want to play with other children but have trouble knowing how? We’ll collaborate with you to help your child navigate the maze of social relationships.

Skills for everyday life

Your child may need extra help learning the skills of daily life, such as eating or getting dressed. Together, we determine exactly which skills, or parts of skills, your child’s doing well, and which ones he needs help with. Then we teach you how to teach your child step by step.

You’ll learn to:

• Build your child’s cooperation skills
• Respond effectively to challenging behavior
• Develop your sense of optimism
• Interact with your child more easily
• Motivate your child to learn
• Teach your child effectively, based on his or her strengths


Parent Training Program

Our customized program assesses your child’s strengths and needs, and gives you the tools to cultivate those strengths in order to meet those needs. Held in our Broomfield, Colorado office, the Parent Training program focuses on providing strategies specific to your child and family.

The program provides you with opportunities to learn and practice implementing the strategies. It provides your child with the opportunity to experience instruction tailored to his or her unique learning needs.

For families traveling to the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado, the program can be delivered over four consecutive days. Please contact us regarding available dates.

For local families, the program can be arranged to accommodate your schedule, with training sessions weekly or twice per month.

Also, we have limited openings available for in-home programs worldwide, for families whose circumstances prevent travel to Colorado. Please contact us for more information.

Our Parent Training Program includes methods to help your child:


Communicate more easily


Cooperate more often and more readily


Enjoy interacting with people


Learn how to learn


Getting Started

The first step is a 25-minute introductory phone call with Stefanie Barenblat, BCBA, to discuss your child’s current needs, and to find out more about our services. Introductory calls are by appointment only.
We look forward to speaking with you.