We help you to help your child with autism

Has your child recently been diagnosed with autism?
Do you need help relating with, and teaching your child?
Has your child’s progress slowed?

We Can Help

How We're Different

Our work infuses the evidence-based practices of applied behavior analysis (ABA) with love and acceptance. We celebrate neurodiversity and prioritize relationship. We collaborate with you and your family to support you in your efforts to help your child.

We believe that you, as parents, are the change agents for your child’s behavior. We listen, with heart, and welcome your questions. Our feedback is both practical and respectful. We believe that your child can learn—and have fun in the process. Our focus is teaching you to effectively support your child’s progress.

Our Services

Early Intervention
for Children with Autism

Parent Training
for Children with Autism

Behavior Consulting
for Parents of Young Children
& Early Learning Centers

A Little Bit About Our Clinical Director

Stefanie Barenblat

Stefanie draws from over 25 years of experience working individually and intensively with over 500 children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and their families. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and holds a Master’s degree in Special Education.